A yurt at Mancos State Park in Montezuma County, Colorado.

8 Types of Doors for a Yurt

Yurts are increasingly popular for those looking for alternatives to the high cost of owning a home or vacation home.  They’re also used for creating additional living spaces at cabins … Read more

white yurt in the winter in the sun during the day

How To Build a Yurt

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Inside a Luxury Yurt

Can You Add Interior Walls to Yurt?

Yurts are increasingly popular for their simple design and lifestyle.  While the structures can be very simple, modern conveniences have become more common in yurts, including kitchens, bathrooms and separate … Read more

Kitchen Part of Yurt

Can You Add a Kitchen to a Yurt?

Yurts continue to evolve in design and style to accommodate modern lifestyles. Historically, a yurt was a portable home used by Mongolians and other nomadic tribes in Central Asia.  Today, … Read more

Inside a luxury yurt-The interior Design

10 Ways to Cool a Yurt

For any homeowner, controlling your home’s temperature is an important factor in keeping it cozy.  Whether it’s heating in winter or cooling in summer, you want your home to regulate … Read more

Yurt in the snowy mountain cover

8 Tips To Secure a Yurt

Escaping city life, the high cost of housing, traffic, and noise pollution has many people searching for a more rural retreat closer to nature. As a result, yurts have become … Read more

Nomad white yurt in the snowy tian shan mountain valley of Central Asia.

9 Ways To Heat a Yurt

Few living spaces reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature than a yurt. Yurts bring us closer to our natural surroundings from their rounded structure, skylight lighting, and open-plan living. Yurts … Read more