Kitchen Part of Yurt

Can You Add a Kitchen to a Yurt?

Yurts continue to evolve in design and style to accommodate modern lifestyles. Historically, a yurt was a portable home used by Mongolians and other nomadic tribes in Central Asia.  Today, … Read more

Inside a luxury yurt-The interior Design

10 Ways to Cool a Yurt

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Yurt in the snowy mountain cover

8 Tips To Secure a Yurt

Escaping city life, the high cost of housing, traffic, and noise pollution has many people searching for a more rural retreat closer to nature. As a result, yurts have become … Read more

Nomad white yurt in the snowy tian shan mountain valley of Central Asia.

9 Ways To Heat a Yurt

Few living spaces reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature than a yurt. Yurts bring us closer to our natural surroundings from their rounded structure, skylight lighting, and open-plan living. Yurts … Read more

A yurt at Mancos State Park in Montezuma County, Colorado. The yurt is one of two in the park's campground and can be rented.

How Long Do Yurts Last?

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Yurt with fire place outside snow

Can You Add Plumbing to a Yurt?

Yurts are gaining in popularity as a relatively easy and affordable housing alternative to the costly reality of a traditional home.  Yurts have been increasingly used as a primary dwelling, to … Read more

Coho Yurt in Winter, Olympic National Forest

Can I Add a Bathroom to a Yurt?

Yurts have been used for centuries by nomads and in today’s modern world, they are gaining in popularity for vacation homes, rental properties, and even primary dwellings.  They provide an … Read more

The interior of Rowan Yurt

Can You Connect Two Yurts?

Yurt living has become increasingly popular today but its history goes back thousands of years.  The circular tent-like structures were originally used by nomadic people in Central Asia.  Traditional yurts … Read more