The Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tub

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If you’re considering a hot tub at your home or cabin, you might be weighing the pros and cons of saltwater vs chlorine for your hot tub.  Saltwater and chlorine hot tubs are the same in terms of the way they are made but differ in some ways, including how to keep them clean and maintain them.

Saltwater hot tubs have a salt cell chlorinator that functions in producing chlorine naturally through an electrolysis process.  So you do not need to add chemical chlorine directly into the hot tub to keep it clean and hygienic.  While chlorine hot tubs require chemicals in concentrated amounts that you add to water and monitor the levels of chlorine.

As people seek out more natural ways to improve their wellness and health, salt water hot tubs are growing in popularity.  Without the chemicals found in chlorine versions, salt water hot tubs provide a gentler and natural experience.

They provide many other benefits to consider:

Fewer Chemicals

Because salt water system monitor chlorine amounts in the tub, they only provide as much chlorine as needed which can mean fewer chemicals in your spa water.  The end result is the water feels softer and less harsh on your skin and swimsuit.

Fresher Smell

We’re all familiar with that smell that comes with chlorine pools and tubs which can lingers on your skin and swim wear.  Chlorine can also wreck your hair – leaving it dry and brittle.  In comparison, salt water systems maintain a consistent level of chlorine which eliminates heavy chemical residue, so you don’t get the odor!

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Less Irritating

If you’ve ever gotten chlorine in your eyes, you know how irritating it can be. Same goes with skin and scalp. Fewer chemicals found in salt water systems reduce the irritation that can come with chlorine systems.

Chlorine can be harsh on skin and hair – causing dry, brittle hair and can even have a bleaching effect on your hair – sometimes turning it a funky green tinge known as swimmers hair.  Chlorine can also be harsh on swim wear – fabrics may fade or bleach over time.

Conserve Water

In general, salt water tubs require less frequent draining and refilling than chlorine systems so overall use less water, making them more friendly to the environment, especially if you live in a drought area.  Conserving water is better for the planet and easier on your wallet.

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While there are many health benefits associated with hot tubs in general, salt water is more dense which makes it easier to float.  The increased buoyancy of salt water relieves tension on muscles and joints and further promotes relaxation in the hot tub.  Relaxation promotes better sleep and overall mood. So soak on!

Easy to Maintain

Salt water tubs are easier to maintain for a few reasons. For one, they generally require less draining and refilling (check with specific providers on recommendations). Another reason they are easier to maintain is that salt water systems makes the process easy.  Once the initial system is set up it practically takes care of itself, constantly producing clean, pure water on its own for months of continuous use.

Ease Joint Pain

Soaking in salt water has been shown to reduce pain associated with arthritis.  Saline solutions reduce inflammation of the joints and reduce swelling without any side effects.


While salt water hot tubs may require more up front costs, they can be less expensive to maintain long term as chlorine is more expensive than salt.  They also don’t run up your water bill as fast as they generally require less draining and refilling than their chlorine versions.


The purpose of your hot tub is to provide a calming and relaxing experience at your cabin.  The strong chemical odors associated with chlorine, along with dry skin and hair don’t fit the natural environment that you’re looking to create at your home.  Hot tubs promote relaxation, better sleep and a calm mind.

So when considering what type of hot tub to buy, factor in the overall benefits of a salt water tub.

Happy soaking!