Best Outdoor Games Ideas

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With our non-stop connection to modern technology, sometimes you need to step away from the screen and get outside to play.  Games don’t have to be expensive or complicated – there are a lot of easy games that are fun for adults and kids alike.

You can participate in several activities with your family or friends, share the excitement, and create some memorable moments. Apart from the barbecues, classic dinner events, and movie times, there are outdoor games that can keep everyone engaged.

Here are a couple of the best outdoor games you should try out this summer:

Happy hipsters playing Twister on the beach

Lawn Twister

Twister is a classic indoor game, but you can take it to the next level and play outside. Playing beach or lawn twister outside is free and you also avoid knocking over lamps and breaking stuff in the house. You can choose to use the mat but if you have a bigger group, consider using a do-it-yourself spray template on your yard.

Twister games can be created with specially cut wood or cardboard mimicking different shapes, and you can use them to create different patterns or shapes on the grass by spraying paint on them. A star-shaped cut-out will create a star shape on the grass if you spray paint on the cut-out part resembling a star.

Once the game is ready, divide yourselves into two teams and face each other on opposite sides of the template. The opponents should stand side by side with each foot on a circle so that all four circles closest to the Twister game are covered. Appoint one player to be the referee to call out a hand or foot and a color circle in a two- or three-player game while they spin the spinner.

You can spice the game up by setting awards for the winning team or tasks for losing. Twister is a fun game to try out outside.

Group of laughing young people with kids having fun together playing outdoors

Slippery Tug of War

Tug of war is a fun and easy game with the only equipment you require is a rope. First, divide yourselves into two teams, and to make the game more exciting, use a tarp in the area of the game and pour soapy water to make it slippery. Then, let the tugging begin and share some laughs; watch teams struggle to win and keep their balance simultaneously.

Fishing for Marbles

Fishing for marbles is a must-play game while you are outside. The game requires a small portable tub, and if that is unavailable, a bucket will do too. Fill up the bucket or tub with water and add ice to balance out the odds for both opponents. Then, pour as many marbles as you can into the tub and let the fishing begin.

Divide into two teams. All players should remove their shoes and socks and take turns trying to fish out as many marbles as possible with their toes as their teammates cheer them on. The excitement lies in watching the team members struggle to fish as many marbles as possible while their feet get numb from the freezing water.

ollection of rainbow colored water balloons in the summer.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Playing water balloon dodge ball applies similar rules to regular dodge ball, only that the large bucket in the center of the field is filled with water balloons instead. Divide your participants into two teams and let them line up at the far end of the area facing each other.

Say ‘Go’ and let everyone run for the balloons. The primary focus of the game is to stay dry, and when a water balloon hits a player directly, they are out. The fun thing about this game is its fast nature that requires every team member to be attentive and agile in order to win.

Jump-Rope and Double Dutch

Jump rope is a simple game to play outside as all you need is a rope and friends. Double Dutch involves turning two long ropes in opposite directions while one or more players jump simultaneously. The jumpers can try out gymnastics or breakdance while jumping to make the game more interesting. The game is a great workout, but jumping with friends is nothing but absolute fun.

group of happy kids running outdoors


When youngsters play Tag, they have to think and sprint simultaneously. So playing Tag is an excellent workout because it requires fast reactions, rapid changes of direction, and speed. Tag games are also simple to pick up, with few rules and few (or no) props or equipment.

The game involves two or more participants chasing down the other players in order to tag them and remove them from the game. The person chasing needs to touch the other by the hand and say, “Tag, you’re it! The last one to be tagged is in for the next round. Tag is a great game for adults and kids alike.

Pie Eating Contest

pie-eating contest is a fun outdoor game, especially in charity or fundraising affairs. Set a long table to seat all the contestants.  Players are required to put their hands behind their backs, eating with only their mouths. The winner is the one who consumes most of the pies in the overall given time.  An eating contest is a great outdoor game to participate in or watch as your friend plays while you cheer them on.  Hot dogs, marshmallows and pancakes are also used in contests.

Blanket Run

The blanket run is an easy but engaging outdoor game that enables folks to interact and get to know each other. The instructions to play this game are pretty straightforward. First, divide yourselves into two teams and give each member a blanket. Next, a player from each team is required to lie down on the blanket, and the race is to see who can drag the body to the finish line without it falling off the blanket. This game is already fun, but you can spice it up by adding obstacles.  

Drip, Drip, Drop

Drip, drip, drop is an excellent game to play while outside and is similar to duck, duck, goose. The participating members sit in a circle, and one of the members walks around the circle with a cup of water chanting drip, drip, drip till they get to the chosen member and pour the water over their head and say dunk. Then, the wet member must chase the other in an attempt to tag them. If they fail, they are in for the next round.

Picnic Basket Relay

Picnic basket relay keeps players busy and excited. It is also a genius way to get help cleaning up after the picnic is over. Divide the players into two groups, each with two picnic baskets. The game aims to have players pick up and put back everything in the basket. The team with the best full basket with utensils, blankets, and other necessary items wins.

When spending time outdoors, make it memorable by participating in some outdoor games. You can easily prep these games before family or friends arrive.  Outdoor games are a fantastic way to have fun, break a sweat, network, clear your mind or just spend some time outside.